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Accounting is one of the most tedious subjects for students and students usually run away from accounts, and this leads to overloaded work for students. The pileup work makessuchdissertation boring and uninteresting where on other hand universities and colleges are too strict and punctual with the dissertation submission. Thesedissertations needed to be done with the utmost accuracy and concentration, and it involves too lengthy calculation and application of formulas and accounting concepts.

Even if a student is good at this subject, the pile of accounting dissertations and very lengthy calculation make them lose their concentration and efficiency of work that on other hand resulted in poor performance score of the students.
Generally, students face a lot of problems while doing their accounting dissertation and a few of them are:  Students not able to get enough time to complete their dissertations  Students don’t have sufficient knowledge of the field  Students could not gather adequate resources thatare needed for the dissertation  Too lengthy and complicated accounting dissertations
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  • Profit and loss accounts and balance sheet
  • Equity Methods
  • Performance management
  • Break even analysis
  • Petty cash book
  • Pricing and Budgeting
  • Process costing
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